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This is the Mini Sheepie that was given to me by Firebird of MK&C. She is no longer in the PC.
Due to recent interest in this lost file, I have recreated the breed as an overwriting unibreed.

Download Firebird's Original OW P4 File

Meet Bloop! My newly adopted Gecko from Rainbow Roadhouse :-D


01.15.21: Sue's Breedz/C Unibreedz/Siamese Leopard Teddy NOW

01.14.21: Added Firebird's Orig. OW P4 Mini Sheepie above.
Also added a handful of wonderful Petz websites to my Links page!

01.12.21: Petz Toyz/Hex Toyz/Harry Potter Wand by Minibyte P3, 4, & 5

01.11.21: Here on the Home Page/Birdy's Mini Sheepie

12.11.20: New - Sue's Breedz/C Unibreedz/Blizzard

12.09.20: Added - Breedz by Friends/Minibyte/Moopie Unibreed

10.19.20: Put "Sue's Virtual Haunt" up for spooky nostalgia. BOO!
Clink link banner above. :->

09.09.20: Updated "Site/Terms" page, and removed "Past Updates"

07.16.20: D3+ *Petz Litters/Hex Group/Painted Pupz

05.29.20: D3+ Mix Litter/Petz Litters/Limited

05.01.20: Sue's Breedz/D Unibreedz/Party Pupper
(Created by my granddaughter, Grace!)

04.22.20: Sue's Breedz/D Unibreedz/Dalibull

04.14: Russian Flowers C3+ Hexed Litter Petz Litters/Limited
Happy Spring!

April 10, 2020 - This web site has returned!

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A huge thanks to Arie for hosting Carolyn's Creations!! *HUGS*

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