Breedz by Hudine

Dogz Breedz

These breedz were all created by Hudine. Some were re-hexed or modified. Minibyte has been kind enough to provide many conversions and ID number adjustments, so that all versions are available. The following breed list contains those which have the same name however each version has it's own ID. (To be used one at the time in a game.) Thanks to Hudine for making these breedz available! ID Information in mouseovers.

White Alsation H
Green Dalmatian
Musklin Husky H
Patched Mutt H

Woof Woof Grr 3
Woof Woof Grr 4
Woof Woof Grr 5

Bob H 3 ||FWK Border Collie (Brown) 3 ||FWK Border Collie (Spot) 3
Bob H 4 ||FWK Border Collie (Brown) 4 ||FWK Border Collie (Spot) 4
Bob H 5 ||FWK Border Collie (Brown) 5 ||FWK Border Collie (Spot) 5

FWK Border Collie 3 ||FWK Calico Wolf 3 ||Calico Wolf H 3
FWK Border Collie 4 ||FWK Calico Wolf 4 ||Calico Wolf H 4
FWK Border Collie 5 ||FWK Calico Wolf 5 ||Calico Wolf H 5

Cookie Mutt H 3 ||FWK Fuzzy Danez 3 ||FWK Mongrel 3
Cookie Mutt H 4 ||FWK Fuzzy Danez 4 ||FWK Mongrel 4
Cookie Mutt H 5 ||FWK Fuzzy Danez 5 ||FWK Mongrel 5

FWK Retriever 3 ||FWK Slow Poke 4 ||White Alsation H 3
FWK Retriever 4 ||FWK Slow Poke 4 ||White Alsation H 4
FWK Retriever 5 ||FWK Slow Poke 5 ||White Alsation H 5

White Alsation H 3 ||Green Dalmatian H 3 ||Green Dalmatian H 3
White Alsation H 4 ||Green Dalmatian H 4 ||Green Dalmatian H 4
White Alsation H 5||Green Dalmatian H 5 ||Green Dalmatian H 5

Musklin Husky 3 ||Musklin Husky 3 ||Orange Mutt H 3
Musklin Husky 4 ||Musklin Husky 4 ||Orange Mutt H 4
Musklin Husky 5 ||Musklin Husky 5 ||Orange Mutt H 5

Patched Mutt H 3 ||Patched Mutt H 3 ||Shamrock Dog 3
Patched Mutt H 4 ||Patched Mutt H 4 ||Shamrock Dog 4
Patched Mutt H 5 ||Patched Mutt H 5 ||Shamrock Dog 5

Shamrock Dane 3
Shamrock Dane 4
Shamrock Dane 5

Woof Dane H 3
Woof Dane H 4
Woof Dane H 5

Blue Wolf H 3
Blue Wolf H 4
Blue Wolf H 5