Creampanda's Petz Breedz

Maine Dynaroo. A Maine Coon OW with no external furfiles or soundfiles, this Oddballz breed conversion
can also be used as a hexing base for designing dinosaurs, dragons, flightless birds, and similar wildz.
Maine Dynaroo (OW Unibreed)
(For Catz)

This breedable version of the Pig breeds true, passing down its spots, nostrils, and hooves to its piglets.
Breedable Pig (OW Unibreed)
(For Dogz)

This Tabby OW contains two variations: the original PFM Tabby, and a "ticked tabby" that only has stripes on its legs and tail.
Two-Type Tabby (OW Unibreed)
(For Catz)

Hexed by Creampanda. After noticing that some fur files were unused in the game,
the bunny files were hexed to include them. See the progress of the project here:
Easter Bunnyz Project
Update - February 14, 2013: C4 v.2 and Unibreed v.2
The following downloads are overwriting files.

Catz 4 Bunny||Catz 4 Bunny v.2
(This file works in Catz 4 only and does not breed.)

Breeding Bunnyz Unibreed||Breeding Bunnyz Unibreed v.2
(This file was hexed using Carolyn's Creations Breeding Bunnyz file, then made into unibreed.)
Notice: The breeding files may not work in Catz 3. The issue is unknown, but being worked on.
Check here for further updates.
(For Catz)